June 2023 Net Worth

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June 2023 net worth, by some miracle (dividends, cold hard cash, and market increases) we made it back to 100k. Technically still below out net worth prior to selling the house but the first 100k is ALWAYS the hardest. Now that we hit this milestone without it being tied up in less liquid holdings (physical real estate), barring a catastrophe, the only place to go it up.

June 2023 net worth

Now I say that, despite sitting at an auto repair for an inspection and oil change…and to diagnose and fix a knocking sound on the front driver’s side. Likely from the bushing or struts needing replaced… Meaning this could get expensive. However, even if it comes out to be over $500, it’s the least I could do to pay it since the car has gone over 172k miles without any major costly repairs.

Speaking of, the touch screen stopped working inside so that’s going to be fun replacing. Dealers and auto repair places want to change the full dashboard in these instances but in reality it’s just the touch screen that needs replaced due to driving wear on the connection. Literally a $35 and 20 min fix versus their solution that’s $1000+ and who knows how long it would take. I have everything to do it but would have preferred to complete the work in a garage, now I have to wait for a long weekend that’s not rainy.

Besides our June 2023 net worth, check out where we’re at now on our tracking page.






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