July 2023 Net Worth

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Our July 2023 net worth growth benefited greatly from the market upturn. Signalling the end of a 20 month bull market. The stock market cycle is back to what it appeared to be before 2022 and with it our optimism for the growth of our portfolio. We managed to pick up 65k of REITs for a great price. As shares appreciate, we’ll be able to capitalized on the dividends. Turning them into additional income that creates more income which creates even more income. Compounding simply put.

Despite being reduced to one income since April, we were able to maintain our 100k net worth achievement from May. July 2023 net worth over all was a success given the conditions. Moving into August, we hope to have two incomes once again. Therefore the next step is 150k. I’ve officially decided to leave my job in December/January as a choice for pivoting my career. Because of my current position, we do not qualify for financial products we would otherwise. This is because HR refuses to provide written documentation for under-writing certifying I can work remote permanently.

So the plan is to quit, cash out my retirement. Buy a FSBO manufactured house newer than 20 years straight cash (20-40k). Then pay lot rent until we can purchase land. This would reduce our monthly living expense by over $900/month. That’s win in my book! It would allow me to take some time off work to relax for once in the last 5 years.

Over the next half year, I want to build this site out to the point that we’re getting consistent visitors. I hope to be able to making a modest income stream from ads someday. If everything goes as planned, I won’t need to return to a basic W2 day job by this time next year.

There’s a bunch of exciting work in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you!

Including a twist to the podcast that I think might work better considering it will be a solo gig moving forward.


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