December 2023 Net Worth

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Our December 2023 net worth marks an important milestone. We officially reached and surpassed our highest net worth achieved. Back in February 2023, before we sold the house, our net worth hit $121,175. As of writing this, our net worth now stands at over $121,295, a whole 8.2% increase over November’s numbers. Next goal is to hit 150k which will be a feat if we achieve it in the next year as we will be down to one income for about 6 months in 2024.

So how is our December 2023 Net Worth broken down?

Sticking with the theme for 2023, we have avoided accumulating any debt. The only debt currently is credit card balances that will be paid off by the end of the month before they hit the statement and student loans.

Next year, our expected gross household income will be around $55,300 if I’m unable to find employment when I’m ready to return to the workforce. This is low enough to qualify my husband for free health insurance now that we live in one of the two universal basic insurance States. It’ll be good not to worry about premiums but at the same time, it means we’ll likely be paycheck to paycheck again. If I am able to find a new position, which should be the case since I’ve killed myself the last 3 years to gain experience and skills that few have but are in high demand, our gross income would likely be around $79,400. Only time will tell!


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