May 2023 Net Worth

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I sit here writing this from a small town outside the NY capital city that 90% of people haven’t heard of and 99% ignore as they drive by. The move across country is complete and we can refocus on saving and investing every free penny that falls into our life. Despite the decrease in Net Worth in April, we’re recovering funds. This last month our net worth increased $4,877. We can expect a slight stagnation in the next month’s tracking as I’m the only one employed for the last month.

Still, it pays to be consistent in finance and investing. Current projections puts us at 128k by the end of the year using conservative returns in dividend reinvestment, essentially recouping what we “lost” during the move. As is, dividend income will 100% cover expenses Jan 2025 at which point day jobs become added security and provide benefits but are not necessary meaning we’ll have the flexibility to search out work we actually like. By then, the orchard will be going into it’s first real year of production and likely will be the perfect time to transition into the business by the end of the year.





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