July 2023 – 1099 Income KDP + Kindle Vella

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June was a zero income month from KDP and Vella as my engagement and posting had died down in April and May in preparation for the move. Now that we’re in the new state, I started publishing again in June and have seen an increase back in the amount of money coming in from my work.

MonthKindle VellaKDP
Nov 2022

Dec 202212.885.92
Jan 202354.5425.57
Feb 202312.080
Mar 2023120
Apr 202317.330
May 20235.000
June 202300
July 202341.820

As you can see my KDP income has decreased. I only have two books published right now and one of them is a POD (print on demand) budget planner. If I advertised them, it’s likely that amount would increase but there’s been some life changes that we’ll be announcing soon that are taking my interest to focus elsewhere. This website is a main focus now that Google is finally indexing it. Another is publishing the main book I’ve been working on for the last year. I also am in the preliminary stages of creating and researching ways to instill age appropriate financial education because it’s important we teach younger generations how to handle, access, and in invest money.

I had someone ask about the expenses associated with writing these books and while I could go into extended detail the base minimum is $10 month for an assistant AI to help move my stories along when I get stuck. They go through a TON of iterations but having the tool to help in times when I just can’t is invaluable. I’m hoping my 1099 income will be enough next year that I can start paying for marketing! I know it’s worth it because I focused a large part of classes in university on marketing and advertising but the money just isn’t there for it right now.





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