August 2023 Net Worth

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With August 2023 already halfway through, we’re planning a “No Spend” September to help catch up on the fact we lived on one income since April. Now that we have two incomes again, it’ll be easier to secure our financial future. Part of moving the No Spend month to September is a strategic move to prepare for when I resign from my job. Normally we do the no spend November but November contains a host of sales that we’ll need to capitalize on! The reason why will be revealed in a future post soon.

August 2023 Net Worth

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Considering the things impacting our income in August 2023, we did pretty well! Again this is thanks to dividends, portfolio appreciation, and retirement contribution and matches.

Remember, part of why I share our monthly progress is to show this is do-able. This is for the everyday person. It doesn’t take a high income, it doesn’t even take two incomes. All it takes is willpower, determination, and self-control. We were on the path to FIRE before I ever knew what it was simply from the fact I refused to spend 40 years of my life living/working to make someone else rich.

Not sure where to start? Check out our last post here and while you’re at it, decide your “why” before you begin. It’ll make things so much easier for you in the long run!





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