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Happy post turkey month! With the holidays upon us, it’s more important than ever to know our limits and set boundaries. I’m talking about how the American consumer culture pushes a society that can’t afford it to max out their credit cards and dry up their meager savings all in the name of “gift giving”. The societal pressure is real. That’s why my family continues to opt out of holiday culture.

This Thanksgiving we used the time off relax, unwind, and plan for what 2022 will bring. I wanted to start giving monthly updates on our journey to FIRE.

Net worth is assessed in the middle of the month, usually on the 15th. For November, we grew our portfolio by 0.98%. A meager increase compared to past months in part due to substantial health bills incurred during October. Besides paying off the health bills, we kept our spending only to essentials.

Tell us, how did your No Spend November go?

A big financial move we made in November was moving money out of our traditional savings account yielding 0.10% APY and into our de-finance account yielding 8.05% APY on stablecoins. Moving forward, we will use our DeFi account for yield farming, there’s no point in keeping cash in a bank that doesn’t payout. We also lean toward the futurist thinking, decentralized finance is the future – why not profit from it now?

Besides the healthcare costs, the husband started a new job last month. This lead to a month only living on one salary alone which is doable but leaves no room for saving! Personally, we did great increasing the net worth by 0.98% with how much we paid off and how much income we lost out on.

While we’re still sticking with the #FIRE2029 tag, theoretically after recalculating our portfolio trajectory, we officially knocked 4 years off our FI journey! 🎉🎉✨

Days of freedom purchased. 365 days = retirement

YTD we have purchased 17 days of a year for the rest of our lives back. That’s 17 days we’re not financial dependent on an employer’s goodwill and 348 left until we can break free from the chains of American society. (Dramatic but true.)

We probably haven’t mentioned this in the past but retiring early will allow us to start our Hard Cider Orchard and Vineyard we’ve been scheming over the last few years. When we first met, my husband told me his dream was to own a pickup truck and drive around his land. Guess that dream isn’t so far off now! Albite with an EV truck because #futurist. 🙂






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