September 2023 Net Worth

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September 2023 Net Worth Tracking

As we move into October, we are one month closer to meeting our baby and one month closer to the lease ending in April. In preparation we have began to search our housing options as $1,400 in rent is stupid for us to continue to pay. We’re reaching out to various mobile parks to see who will allow 3 cats and exploring our purchase options.

The reasoning behind living in a mobile home is because they are homes. They have walls and a roof and are just as safe, if not safer than non-mobile homes on the market. In fact, we can more easily ensure our home is free of lead based paint and asbestos when purchasing a mobile home based on the year. Something we’re risk averse to when looking at the 1900’s homes available in our price range, especially with a baby on the way. We’ve got 6 months to figure it out so we’ll see where it goes!





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