October 2022 Update

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Documenting our personal financial journey.

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Longtime no chat! Just wanted to give a small update regarding this blog’s future and our current net worth. We hit out goal of 100k net worth around mid-September. That’s a whole three months ahead of schedule even with the setbacks of a “down” market! The chart above gives some insight into our savings/investing since we started tracking in February 2021.

Regarding the future of this blog. I plan to complete monthly net worth reports starting in November as well as updates on our other endeavors (I started publishing books again!). I’ll also be posting more personal finance related content including guides to help launch your own personal finance journey. Something that’s been a pain point in the past for many of our friends is understanding where their financial health stands and which steps they can take to improve it. Like most things finance, it could just be a simple tweak to one of the inputs of the equation that makes all the difference.







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