2022 Year-End + 2023 Projections

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Happy holidays! We made it to the new year and with it the challenges 2023 is already planned to bring. This year we’re looking at job changes, moving cross country (again), and possibly fertility treatments. All major changes that come at a cost both physically and monetarily. However, we’ve created a smart plan to weather the storm and will come out on top a year from now.

For work, I’ve applied to work remote out of state and if approved, I will be able to retain my job and mortgage out a new home for us to move to in order to be closer to family and medical treatments.

The possibility of medical treatments is so random and out of left field, spawning solely from the FDA not approving the booster shots fast enough in 2022. A week prior to their bivalent approval and public availability, we both caught COVID from work. A few months later we ended up taking a home test that prompted a doctor’s exam and lab tests. The impact of COVID on the human body is crazy in unexpected ways. There are very limited studies but at this point we’re our own mini-study with lots of hypotheticals and outcomes. Best case scenario, the leukospermia resolves itself just like how it did in the one study conducted on a sperm donor. Worst case, we have to complete IUI/IVF treatments to start our family at 6.5k a pop with only a 48% success rate. The only silver lining from the diagnosis is that we were already planning the move to NY where 3 IVF cycles are mandated to be covered. Let’s hope it magically resolves itself so we don’t have to go through that.

Once we sale our home in Nebraska and purchase the new one, we will be cashed out with only a 10% equity, allowing us to invest the rest of the monetary worth we’d built up in a 10%+ dividend REIT which in effect will pay for the new mortgage and allow us to achieve a greater rate of savings.

With that in mind, our end of the year goal for 2023 is to hit 150k. We also have a long stretch goal of releasing our first budgeting guide by the end of the year.







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