May 2023 – 1099 Dividend income

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In may, our level of dividend investment dwindled as we suffered a minor income set-back which you can read more about in my post covering predatory employers and had to adjust our budget to protect our net worth. However we’ve still managed to grow this investment/income category!

This time April 2022 we were earning maybe $25/month in dividends. After selling the house in April and re-deploying the funds we’re were set to average $641/month. That’s a good deal if you ask me! Besides REITs, we’re also in some choice 4%+ dividend stocks. Note: I will not release what exact investments we’re in because it brings up a whole new can of legal worms that I refuse to deal with.

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YTD Dividends
Estimated Yearly Dividends (growing via monthly investment and compounding dividends)

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