May 2023 – 1099 Income KDP + Kindle Vella

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May saw a significant decrease in income due to not having published anything since around March. This is because I was in the middle of moving cross country and did not have time to do much editing. However one of my stories has about 13 chapters pending editing that I’m working my way through. To date I have scheduled 5 chapters for release this month. I also haven’t been advertising much, so that doesn’t help!

Additionally, I have a budgeting planner designed and ready for approve to publish via POD (print on demand) so super excited to see where that goes!

Book 1 (tester) ~67k words Available on Vella+KDP
Book 2 100k+ words Available on Vella
Book 3 (drafted/unpublished) – Available Fall 2023

MonthKindle VellaKDP
Nov 2022

Dec 202212.885.92
Jan 202354.5425.57
Feb 202312.080
Mar 2023120
Apr 202317.330
May 20235.000
Total since initial publishing Sept 2022

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