April 2023 – 1099 Income KDP + Kindle Vella

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I have a secret that not many are aware of, much like this website, I publish books under a pen-name. A few years ago I began to publish but the first book was a total flop – only my dad read it and it was NOT PG. Quickly, I gave up but still kept writing as I had since I was 15. It wasn’t until late last year that I put together a proof of concept book and released it that I proved this could be a do-able source of income.

Now, months later, the money is still rolling in from the tester book and I’m in the middle of releasing a non-tester novel. KDP doesn’t pay well but Amazon Kindle has a large bonus pot to pick up from by publishing in a serial format. My strategy is to release my books chapter by chapter on Kindle Vella and then, based on their terms of service, after 30 days I’m allowed to publish a full release of the book on KDP unlimited. This essentially doubles my audience and ability to capture income from the platform.

For anonymity, we will just use a number system for my books and for the sake of tracking this, we will bring the income up by KDP vs Kindle Vella and call out the books were possible.

Book 1 (tester) ~67k words Available on Vella+KDP
Book 2 100k+ words Available on Vella
Book 3 (drafted/unpublished) – Available Fall 2023

MonthKindle VellaKDP
Nov 2022

Dec 202212.885.92
Jan 202354.5425.57
Feb 202312.080
Mar 2023120
Apr 202317.330
Total since initial publishing Sept 2022

Because of past experience and my other creative pursuits, editing and book covers are also done by me and my AI assistant. As of February I also incur a small $10 monthly expense for publishing but it is 1000% worth it as I am able freely model and modify an AI assistant to speed up my writing. AI is not new to me as I had a hand in training the “are you human?” captcha we all love-hate so much as well as training undisclosed AI to “see” and “identify” objects in images during one of my summers in university.


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