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Bienvenue! Some good news to share. Thanks to happenstance, we will be able to shave 2 years off our FI horizon. How? I was offered and accepted a job that increased our income by about 17k per year. 🎉 Going with the save more, spent less adage; that clocks us at achieving FI in about 8 years. I was also able to remove myself from the call center environment #IncreasedMentalHealth.

Couldn’t have come at a better time as our home was just reappraised by the county assessor and increased in value by 52k. With us being in the higher “improved” property tax rate on 2.014%, that extra income definitely won’t go to waste. Meanwhile, home values continue to skyrocket as supply dwindles.

Future outlook

Currently, I am unaware of the structure of the department and do not know what internal opportunities will arise. However, in about three years (because I hate job hoping) I will be able to have the choice to continue with the position, move up, or look for a position (higher paying) outside of the organization.

In terms of shortening our time horizon on FI. We’re now working on my husband’s employment situation. Getting out of the call center world or moving up is impossible when the employer refuses to promote from within. “Why pay someone more when they’ll stay for less?” Is their logic. Which is why I’m 1000% grateful I was laid off due to COVID last year. Sure it sucked as it happened but I always bounce back. (Doubled my income since we went into lockdown. 😎) If he can score a similar position, it will lower our Horizon to FI by an additional 2 years and bring us into the green at 6 years out. ✨






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